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DOA PT-7 Weedless Topwater Soft Bait 3 inch (5/8 oz) 2pk

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3 inch (5/8 oz)
Topwater Soft Plastic

The PT-7's aerodynamic body casts like a bullet and skips into tight places where others can't. 3" length and 5/8 oz, this soft plastic minesweeper detonates explosive strikes like no other topwater on the market today. Snook, redfish, seatrout and largemouth bass find its "walk-the-dog" action simply irresistible. Pre-rigged with a single premium 7/0 EWG hook, it keeps big fish on where standard trebles fail.

Available in 2 Pack: 1 Rigged with rattle and hook / 1 Unrigged with rattle only.