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Unfair Lures Rip N Slash Twitchbait 2.75 inch

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2.75 inch
Suspending Twitchbait
  • Shallow Water 1 - 5 Feet
  • Paul's Unfair Rip-n-slash is a Hybrid Search Bait Molded After a Cigar Minnow Head and Tail Section and Life Like Eyes
  • Rip-n-slash Casts a Mile and Swims Like Its About to Be Crushed
  • Swivel for Better Action, Knots and No Line Twist
  • Rip-n-slash Features the 3D Gill and Carefully Selected Holographic Tones To Give It the Edge Over Those Old No Design Featured Lures
  • Transverse Hook Hangers for Single Hook Options
  • Hydrodynamic Fins Add Natural Swimming Action

A shortened Cigar Minnow, the Paul's Rip n Slash has become a fisherman's favorite. Paul's Rip n Slash has become a staple for recreational fisherman who want to fish and CATCH. Paul's Rip n Slash is an accurate and long casting super search bait. A tantalizing darting action, which drives fish crazy. Novice to experienced fishers have benefited from the ease of use of this bait.